PhD Student – Elisavet Moschopoulou

Title: Living with and beyond head and neck cancer: Psychosocial factors associated with impact of cancer and quality of life

Elisavet Moschopoulou was a PhD student at the Centre for Psychiatry, a World Psychiatric Association Collaborating Centre, Queen Mary, University of London.

Update: As funders of the study, we are delighted to announce that Elisavet successfully submitted and defended her thesis in September 2018 with no further corrections. The research is the first to examine post-traumatic stress in head and neck cancer survivors and their carers.

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PhD Student – Fatima Qadir

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Title: Cellular and Molecular Signature of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Fatima Qadir was a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Muy-Teck Teh and Dr Ahmad Waseem at Queen Mary, University of London. Her project was funded by Saving Faces, which was a biomarker study that focused on the role of exosomes in oral cancer diagnosis and development.

Update: Fatima Qadir successfully submitted her final thesis and passed her PhD viva with minor corrections in May 2018. You can read Fatima’s PhD thesis here.

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PhD Student – Katarzyna Niemiec

Title: An investifation on the effects of HPV16-induced immortalisation and POU2FC regulation in keratinocytes

Katarzyna Niemiec was a PhD student under the supervision of Prof Ahmad Waseem and Dr Muy-Teck Teh at Queen Mary University of London. Her project, funded by Saving Faces and Rosetree Trust, focused on human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16) and its role in head and neck cancer.

Update: Congratulations to Katarzyna for successfully submitting her final thesis and passing her PhD viva with minor corrections in February 2018.

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