Saving Faces is devoted to leading research on the prevention and treatment of all disorders and injuries affecting the mouth and face. A list of all Saving Faces’ research publications and studies that we have funded and supported can be found below.

Saving Faces also fund the world’s first National Facial, Oral and Oculoplastic Research Centre (NFORC), which is dedicated to developing, running and coordinating prospective cohort randomised controlled trials on a wide range of topics relevant to head and neck. Visit for more information on our current projects.



Current perspectives on the surgical management of mandibular third molars in the United Kingdom: the need for further research

A. Omran, I. Hutchison, F. Ridout, A. Bose, R. Maroni, J. Dhanda, D. Hammond, C. Moynihan, A. Ciniglio and G. Chiu
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons’ National Facial Injury Surveys: hard tissue facial ibjuries presenting to UK emergency departments

R. Davies, D. Hammond, F. Ridout, I. Hutchison, P. Magennis
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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Nationwide randomised trial evaluating elective neck dissection for early stage oral cancer (SEND study) with metaanalysis and concurrent real-world cohort

Iain L. Hutchison, Fran Ridout, Sharon M. Y. Cheung, Neil Shah, Peter Hardee, Christian Surwald, Janavikulam Thiruchelvam, Leo Cheng, Tim K. Mellor, Peter A. Brennan, Andrew J. Baldwin, Richard J. Shaw, Wayne Halfpenny, Martin Danford, Simon Whitley, Graham Smith, Malcolm W. Bailey, Bob Woodwards, Manu Patel, Joseph McManners, Chi-Hwa Chan, Andrew Burns, Prav Praveen, Andrew C. Camilleri, Chris Avery, Graham Putnam, Keith Jones, Keith Webster, William P. Smith, Colin Edge, Iain McVicar, Nick Grew, Stuart Hislop, Nicholas Kalavrezos, Ian C. Martin and Allan Hackshaw
British Journal of Cancer

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Clinical correlation of opposing molecular signatures in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Fatima Qadir, Anand Lalli, Huma Habib Dar, Sungjae Hwang, Hebah Aldehlawi, Hong Ma, Haiyan Dai, Ahmad Waseem & Muy-Teck Teh (2019)
BMC Cancer

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The monoclonal antibody EPR1614Y against the stem cell biomarker keratin K15 lacks specificity and reacts with other keratins

H Aldehlawi, KA Niemiec, DR Avisetti, A Lalli, MT Teh & A Waseem (2019)
Scientific Reports

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The BAOMS National Facial Injury Surveys: A Cross-Sectional Temporal Survey Study of the Facial Injury Tissue-Type presenting to UK Emergency Departments over 11 years

Rhodri Davies, Douglas Hammond, Patrick Magennis and Iain Hutchison (2018)
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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Transcriptome reprogramming by cancer exosomes: identification of novel molecular targets in matrix and immune modulation

Fatima Qadir, Mohammad Arshad Aziz, Chrisdina Puspita Sari, Hong Ma, Haiyan Dai, Xun Wang, Dhiresh Raithatha, Lucas Girotto Lagreca Da Silva, Muhammad Hussain, Seyedeh P. Poorkasreiy, Iain L. Hutchison, Ahmad Waseem and Muy-Teck Teh (2018)
Molecular Cancer

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Investigation of the properties of the amoeboid cell, a new cell type in oral cancer

N Vig, M Rahman, L Gammon, E Peyric, I Mackenzie (2017)
The Lancet

Are facial injuries really different? An observational cohort study comparing appearance concern and psychological distress in facial trauma and non-facial trauma patients

E Rahtz, K Bhui, I Hutchison, A Korszun (2017)
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

Violent injury predicts poor psychological outcomes after traumatic injury in a hard-to-reach population: an observational cohort study

E Rahtz, K Bhui, M Smuk, I Hutchison, A Korszun (2017)
BMJ Open

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The psychological impact of gang violence

E Rahtz (2017)
The Conversation


Features and prognostic utility of biopsy in oral squamous cell carcinoma

J Dhanda, N Uppal, H Chowlia, N Opie, L Al-Qamachi, D Shelat, A Aslam, A Yuffa, T Martin, J Risk, A Triantafyllou, R Shaw, S Parmar, H Mehanna (2016)
Journal of the Sciences and Specialities of the Head and Neck


To treat… or not to treat? Clinicians’ views on the management of oral potentially malignant disorders

PJ Thomson, J A McCaul, F Ridout, I L Hutchison (2015)
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The potential of CD44 as a diagnostic and prognostic tool in oral cancer

H Emich, D Chapireau, I Hutchison, I Mackenzie (2015)
Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine

Governance, guidelines, audit, and revalidation in the 21st century

J Gallagher, T K Blackburn, I Hutchison, P Magennis (2015)
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


SERPINE1 and SMA expression at the invasive front predict extracapsular spread and survival in oral squamous cell carcinoma

J Dhanda, A Triantafyllou, T Liloglou, H Kalirai, B Lloyd, R Hanlon, R J Shaw, D R Sibson & J M Risk (2014)
British Journal of Cancer

Desmoglein 3 promotes cancer cell migration and invasion by regulating activator protein 1 and protein kinase C-dependent-Ezrin activation

L Brown, A Waseem, I N Cruz, J Szary, E Gunic, T Mannan, M Unadkat, M Yang, F Valderrama, E A O′Toole, H Wan (2014)

Experience of portraiture in a clinical setting: An artist’s story

M Gilbert (2014)
Journal of Applied Arts & Health


Identification of FOXM1-induced epigenetic markers for head and neck squamous cell carcinomas

S Hwang, S Mahadevan, F Qadir, I L Hutchison, D E Costea, E Neppelberg, P G Liavaag, A Waseem, MT Teh (2013)
American Cancer Society

The effects of CD44 down-regulation on stem cell properties of head and neck cancer cell lines

F Kidwai, D E Costea, I Hutchison, I Mackenzie (2013)
Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine

Keratin K15 as a Biomarker of Epidermal Stem Cells

A Bose, MT Teh, I C Mackenzie, A Waseem (2013)
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Exploiting FOXM1-orchestrated molecular network for early squamous cell carcinoma diagnosis and prognosis

MT Teh, I L Hutchison, D E Costea, E Neppelberg, P G Liavaag, K Purdie, C Harwood, H Wan, E W Odell, A Hackshaw, A Waseem (2013)
International Journal of Cancer


Interrelationship of depression, stress and inflammation in cancer patients: A preliminary study

J A Archer, I L Hutchison, S Dorudi, S A Stansfeld, A Korszun (2012)
Journal of Affective Disorders

FOXM1 Induces a Global Methylation Signature That Mimics the Cancer Epigenome in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

MT Teh, E Gemenetzidis, D Patel, R Tariq, A Nadir, A W Bahta, A Waseem, I L Hutchison (2012)
Plos One

Two Mechanisms Regulate Keratin K15 Expression In Keratinocytes: Role of PKC/AP-1 and FOXM1 Mediated Signalling

A Bose MT Teh, I L Hutchison, H Wan, I M Leigh, A Waseem (2012)
Plos One

Osteoradionecrosis in Head-and-Neck Cancer Has a Distinct Genotype-Dependent Cause

A J Lyons, C M West, J MRisk, N J Slevin, C Chan, S Crichton, G Rinck, D Howell, R J Shaw (2012)
International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics

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Chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced head and neck cancer: 10-year follow-up of the UK Head and Neck (UKHAN1) trial

Prof Jeffrey S Tobias, FRCP, Kathryn Monson, MSc, Nirmal Gupta, FRCR, Prof Hugh MacDougall, FRCR, Prof John Glaholm, FRCR, Prof Iain Hutchison, FRCS, Latha Kadalayil, PhD, Allan Hackshaw, MSc, on behalf of the UK Head and Neck Cancer Trialists’ Group (2009)
The Lancet

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Depressive symptoms and quality of life in head and neck cancer patients

J Archer, C Clark, I Hutchison, A Korszun (2009)
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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Health risks information reaches secondary school smokers

F Ridout, A Charlton, I Hutchison (2008)
Health Education Research

Mood and malignancy: Head and neck cancer and depression

J Archer, I Hutchison, A Korszun (2008)
Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine

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Novel use of ultrasound-guided surface marking of head and neck tumors invading facial skin

S Y Ng, A K Songra, I L Hutchison (2006)
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontology

Observation of tumour thickness and resection margin at surgical excision of primary oral squamous cell carcinoma—assessment by ultrasound

A K Songra, S Y Ng, P Farthing, I L Hutchison, P F Bradley (2006)
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Reconstruction of through-and-through osteocutaneous defects of the mouth and face with subscapular system flaps

N Kalavrezos, P S G F Hardee, I Hutchison (2005)
Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England