“Binge-drinking” Prevention Study

Adolescents in the UK have one of the highest European levels of alcohol use, binge-drinking and getting drunk. Around 125,000 young people a year attend A&E with severe facial injuries, often associated with alcohol-related falls and assaults. Saving Faces has been working with the Department of Health to inform young people of the consequences of binge drinking. Professor Iain Hutchison also featured on the ITV1 documentary “The Truth About Binge Drinking”.

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Microcytoscopy using Contact Video Microscopy

The Cyscope is a new technology that may well enable early detection of cancer cells without the need for a biopsy. We are currently developing automated diagnostic tools requiring limited specialist intervention, primarily for the detection of oral cancers, using a well-defined subset of cell features, employing pattern recognition and image analysis. Further studies continue to refine the categorising of cells into five subsets, graded from normal to cancerous, using a database of over 8000 images collected so far. 

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PhD study on the Psychological Factors in Head and Neck and Gastrointestinal Cancer

Saving Faces is supporting a PhD study that aims to investigate different psychological and physiological measures that might predict which patients will develop depression after a diagnosis of cancer. The study will investigate factors that can be used to predict those patients who will develop depression so as to proactively detect and treat these patients and therefore prevent the depression impacting on their cancer treatment. 

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