PhD research funded by Saving Faces wins poster award!

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Congratulations to Fatima Qadir and her team at Queen Mary University of London who were awarded the prize for best research poster at the 2017 British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists (BAHNO) scientific conference. Fatima is a PhD student funded by Saving Faces and is now in the final year of her studies. The title of Fatima’s research was “Can genetic profiling aid clinical decision making in head and neck cancer?”.

Saving Faces Chief Executive, Professor Iain Hutchison, was also co-author of a study entitled “Vimentin controls metastatic spread of carcinomas – a novel target for therapeutic intervention” presented at the BAHNO conference, which also received favourable feedback from the head and neck cancer expert audience.

Fatima’s PhD research aims to develop a non-invasive test that will be used to detect early mouth cancer.

Read more about Fatima’s project here