A Face in the Crowd Conference – 15 March 2018

Paintings by Mark Gilbert

Facial trauma, the resultant injuries and psychiatric sequale are little understood. The effects can be devastating and occasionally early management is essential for full recovery to be achieved. Facial injuries all too often come hand in hand with other severe injuries, such as head injuries, and can understandably be overlooked.

We invite our supporters to a fascinating conference called “A Face in the Crowd” on Thursday 15th March 2018 at Fieldfisher in Central London.

There will be a high calibre of speakers including two of our very own Trustees, Professor Simon Holmes and Dr Susan Tanner of Dawood and Tanner. All speakers have promised to provide an educational insight into many aspects of maxillofacial injuries including: trauma reconstructive dentistry, plastics, prosthetics, camouflage makeup, the psychiactric response and conservative management. There will be a focus on what is available to clients surgically and in terms of ongoing rehabilitation to provide an overview of the exciting advances in the field and how we can support those to cope with dramatic changes in their appearance.

The event is entirely free of charge and everyone is welcome to attend. Please see the programme and the web page for more information.

To register your place please visit https://info.fieldfisher.com/30/1364/landing-pages/rsvp-(blank).asp or email personalinjuryrsvp@fieldfisher.com.