Jaia’s family charity bake sale raises £400 for Saving Faces

On Friday 20th December 2013, Jaia underwent surgery which was carried out by Professor Hutchison, to remove a haemangioma on the bridge of her nose. We are incredibly happy to hear that Jaia is doing well nearly four years on after her surgery.

In July 2017, the family held a charity event with a lot of delicious food, a jewellery sale and a raffle to help raise money for Saving Faces. Lisa, a saxophone player, also donated her time to play at the event for free.


The event raised a wonderful amount of £400!

“It was a beautiful day and well enjoyed by all those that attended. We still thank you as a charity and Dr Hutchison for all he did for Jaia, who is well and happy.” – Kim Uppal, Aunt of Jaia

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