When I was around 6 weeks old I have had many appointments with local hospitals and a specialist surgeon who dismissed any further investigation or treatment, advising that I should be monitored till the age of 10 even though my vision was being affected, my facial features started to become disfigured and it was radiating a lot of heat.

My Mummy’s friend from work suggested that we contact Saving Faces which we did. Professor Hutchison met with us and diagnosed the tumour as a haemangioma , although the tumour was benign a MRI scan was needed to investigate further and this was arranged at a local hospital.

Following the results of the MRI scan Professor Hutchison advised the best route of action was for surgery, which after a lot of heartache for my Mummy and Daddy it was decided this was the best thing to do.

My operation was carried out successfully at St Bartholomew Hospital and after a big kiss from The Professor, I was up and about a few hours later and back home the following evening in time for my 1st Christmas.

Look at me now! My scar is healing fantastically and my facial features are back to normal. I am enjoying a full life and I am having lots of fun with my family especially my older sister Jasmine and brother Jayden.

We are now fundraising to raise money for this fantastic charity and help support Professor Iain Hutchison and his team carry on his amazing work. Without him I don’t know where I would be today. My family have got together, they have been making samosas and cakes to raise money, we have raised over £1000 so far! In June this year, our family friends, Carlos and Brigitte, did the Warrior Adrenaline Race (W.A.R.), getting wet and muddy on a 10K obstacle course for Saving Faces.

Professor Hutchison says “Jaia’s case shows exactly why we need to conduct clinical research. There are lots of different treatments for haemangiomas but they’ve never been properly compared in a scientific manner. So although each doctor thinks they know what’s best for their patient no doctor can actually put their hand on their heart and say what the best treatment is for each patient. Research by the National Facial Oral and Oculoplastic Research Centre (NFORC) will resolve these dilemmas and lead to better outcomes for all facial and mouth conditions”.

Update: September 2017

We are incredibly happy to hear that Jaia is doing well nearly four years on after her surgery. In July 2017, the family held a charity event with a lot of delicious food, a jewellery sale and a raffle to help raise money for Saving Faces. Lisa, a saxophone player, also donated her time to play at the event for free. The event raised a wonderful amount of £400!

“It was a beautiful day and well enjoyed by all those that attended. We still thank you as a charity and Dr Hutchison for all he did for Jaia, who is well and happy.” – Kim Uppal, Aunt of Jaia

August 2019

In August 2019, the family of Jaia held a fundraising event for Saving Faces which included serving a range of different food including cakes and samosas. The event raised the incredible amount of £550!

You can read more about the event here.