Faces in the City – September 2014

Well done to all our treasure hunters and power walkers who came out to support Saving Faces on Sunday the 21st of September. A great (though tiring day) was had by all, with some tense competition, fine weather, fascinating history and one rogue clue.

A trio of octopusses

The day was bright but windy as we set up our stand in Paternoster Square. We attracted lots of attention from passers by and our staff and volunteers did a great job getting the engaging the public and spreading the word about our charity. At 10am our first intrepid walkers showed up, and the event began in earnest.

This is the first time we have held a Treasure Hunt and the staff at Saving Faces had great fun putting it together. We had 20 teams taking part, 5 people per team… old and new supporters. Dentists, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, patients, students and members of the general public. Everyone had fun on the day and there was a great camaraderie between teams, though when it came to final scores and setting up the leader board there was a definite competitive element to the event! Not one, but two fiendish tie-breakers were needed to settle the winners.

Well done to everyone who came out and took part. Your support is always appreciated. Hope to see you all again next year.


Feedback from our treasure hunters

Doreen Noakes is a mouth cancer patient. Her team managed to get the most correct clues and were top of the leader board! Doreen says, ‘Well done to the fantastic SF team who organised the treasure hunt. It was a wonderful day, very challenging but great fun.’

Chris Lewis-Smith says, ‘We had a fantastic time. Great clues to get you thinking and lots of walking to find them. We saw bits of London we had never visited before and also things we had passed dozens of times but had never stopped to read or look at more closely. Never knew about the chewing gum art on the Millennium Bridge.’

Eileen Kane and her family did the sponsored walk and were thrilled with the route, especially the poppies at the Tower of London and the views of the City after crossing the river over Tower Bridge and walking along the South Bank.

We’d love to see your pictures and hear about your experiences of the day.  Email us with your stories.

Starbucks staff got into the spirit donning NFORC t-shirts and painting their faces

A special thank you to these organisations for their support

We are grateful to the City of London events team for their advice, for the City of London Information Centre who helped us with the maps, for the fantastic support of the management team at Paternoster Lodge . Prizes were generously provided by Daunt Books, the Paternoster restaurant and pub, Haz restaurant, Pizza Express, LA Fitness, Hotel Chocolat, Songlines magazine, Giant cycle St Paul’s. An “extra shot” of thanks to Starbucks coffee whose staff gave their free time tp keep us all well caffeinated. They really got into the spirit, donning NFORC t-shirts and having their faces painted.