Meet our 2016 marathon runners

The 2016 London Marathon takes place on Sunday the 24th of April. We are proud to say, we have three fantastic runners who are raising money for Saving Faces.

Kris and Steph

stephandkrisKris Carroll is a Specialist Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS).

“I hold a passion for treating and helping patients with facial injuries and disfigurements. I am employed as a Specialty Registrar (ST3) in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS). It has taken seventeen years of education and training to reach my current stage and I have recently made the move from Scotland to London to complete my training to consultant level in OMFS.

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“I am acutely aware of the challenges patients face in terms of the surgery they undergo and the subsequent psychological and quality-of-life issues they face. My interest in facial surgery was sparked when as an 18-year-old my friend and I suffered an assault leading to my friend and I suffering facial lacerations.

“I’m honoured to be running the London Marathon for Saving Faces. Working at The Royal London Hospital, I am aware of the work that Saving Faces carry out in terms of furthering research in to facial disfigurement.”

Kris is joined by Stephanie Corns. Stephanie recently worked in the OMFS department and is now pursuing a career in orthodontics where she will continue to help those with facial disfigurement including cleft lip and palate patients requiring combined orthodontic and surgical treatment.

They are hosting an event to boost their fundraising efforts on Friday the 15th of April. Come along to All Star Lanes on Brick Lane for a night of bowling, karaoke and fun.

There will also be a special prize draw with a Maxillofacial Twist.

Kris has been tirelessly gathering prizes and there are some wonderful items up for grabs that could appeal to surgeons and trainees at every level.

  • UKLoupes have provided a £150 voucher towards the cost of a pair of loupes. Loupes reduce eye-strain and make you adopt a better posture which reduces the stress on your back.
  • Dentsply Sirona have provided a £100 voucher to go toward the cost of one of their dental implant courses. They use only fresh-frozen cadaveric tissue – now considered the gold standard for surgical training – to give delegates as realistic an experience as possible.
  • One ticket to attend the BAOMS day of the European Association of CranioMaxilloFacial Surgeons (EACMFS) scientific congress, to be held in London in September 2016. (Normally £200).
  • Two tickets to the black tie-dinner of the BAOMS conference in Brighton 8-10th June 2016. (Normally £70 each. Students effectively attend the conference for free – the £75 conference fee is refundable upon attendance if you are are a BAOMS member (it’s free for students to join!).
  • A copy of Professor Holmes (OMFS Consultant) book ‘Atlas of Operative Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery’. Awarded First Prize in Surgery at the BMA book awards 2015. (Currently £112 on Amazon).
  • A voucher for £1000 from NSK to go towards the purchase of a surgical handpiece.
  • A voucher from
  • A copy of ‘MCQs in Facial Plastic Surgery Reconstruction’ by Dr Akeel Mosea (OMFS Specialty Doctor). (Currently £13 on Amazon).
  • A copy of ‘On-call in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery’ by (including others) Mr Arpan Tahim (OMFS Registrar at the Royal London Hospital). (Currently £17.99 on Amazon).
  • A pair of designer theatre shoes by Toffeln (Worth up to £57).
  • Six bottles of champagne (Value: Who knows!)

You’ll be entered in to the prize draw for free if you attend the bowling event this Friday, though you can always boost your chances by buying a few extra tickets on the night. Or donate online before Friday to be in with a chance to win. Just don’t forget to send us a message afterwards with your contact details or you could miss out!


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Alex Lee is running the London Marathon on behalf of Saving FacesAlex Lee’s mum was diagnosed with mouth cancer shortly after becoming pregnant. Thankfully, her treatment was successful and she has been a fantastic supporter of Saving Faces ever since. Alex is now following in her footsteps.

“I was unaware of head and neck cancers until my mum was diagnosed. So having witnessed it first hand Saving Faces is now a charity close to my heart.

“They carried out the operation that removed her cancer and ensured that my younger brother, Jonty, was able to be born! For that, I will be forever grateful.

“So many of us are judged quickly by our appearance in today’s society. So the work done by Saving Faces is so important to the people that suffer from face cancers and facial impairments. Please help support this charity by donating, as it really does change lives!”

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Thanks to the following companies for their support:

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