Fundraising party for Gwen’s 80th birthday

On 17th of June, Gwendolen Davis celebrated her 80th birthday by raising funds for Saving Faces! She celebrated in style with a fundraising party at the Queen Elizabeth Public House in Chingford. Seventy guests from 16 different countries were invited to a buffet lunch. The event also coincided with Jo Cox’s husband’s request for the celebration of things we have in common rather than concentrating on our differences.

Gwendolen Davis. Image courtesy of Jarmila Piero

Gwen did not ask for gifts but instead asked her guests to donate to Saving Faces. There was huge support for this idea among the guests as a wonderful amount of £1,000 excluding Gift Aid was raised on the day! The proceedings were brought to a close when Captain Chris Tucker of the Merchant Navy proposed the loyal toast.

Jarmila Piero and her son Michael, staffed the Saving Faces information desk and a great deal of interest was shown in the research work that Saving Faces carries out.

Click the images below to browse through the photos from the event and of the wonderful birthday cake!

The guests were incredibly generous and had a merry time especially the birthday girl. Thank you to all those who donated.