Battling Graham gets his life back – Eversham Journal, 21 Feb 2011

Saving Faces patient, Graham Hall has been hailed as “an inspiration” in the Eversham Journal. Graham, a lorry driver from Bretforton in Worcestershire suffered from a rare form of bone cancer which left doctors with no choice but to remove his jaw. After the surgery and rounds of radiotherapy, he was left disfigured and unable to speak.

Graham hailed as "an inspiration" after a 4 year battle with cancer
Graham hailed as “an inspiration” after a 4 year battle with cancer

Prof Iain Hutchison oversaw the rebuilding of Graham’s jaw and now four years after his diagnosis, Graham has returned to work.

“Graham’s a really determined, superb guy, who’s been an inspiration to everyone. All of us here work as a team and it is so good to see him back. It’s great to see somebody battle and to win that battle.”

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