PhD Studentship Grant – Oral Cancer Stem Cells

Grant Type PhD Studentship
Research Title Stem Cell Patterns and the Growth and Therapy of Head and Neck Cancers
Grant Awarded To H.E. Emrich
Department Stem Cell Science
Institution Queen Mary University of London   
Grant Start Date 01/03/2010
Grant Duration 36 months + 3 month supplement
Total Amount Awarded £63,765
Abstract There is now evidence that tumours consist of different populations of cancer cells.  Only a minority of cells in the tumour has the ability to divide indefinitely, producing more and more cancer cells. These cells are called “cancer stem cells”. Sometimes these cells can leave the primary tumour and initiate new tumours in other parts of the body. Looking at cancer stem cells, the PhD project focuses on comparison of oral tumours that have formed neck lymph node metastases with tumours that have not metastasised. Pinpointing the fundamental differences between tumours that are able to spread in the body and tumours that are not able to do so could hugely improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.